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QuickSkin: Changelog

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Version 2.2 - July 2008
renamed extensions directory to 'qx'
renamed all extensions to 'qx_'
fixed auto-loading of extensions
added sample application

Version 2.1.1rc1 - November 2007
Combined quickcache.php and quickcache_config.php into one file
Minor changes for PHP5 compliance (tested with PHP4 & 5.2.4)
With 2.1.1rc1, zLib compression does not have to be enabled on server

(use included .htaccess file to enable)

Fixed bug with CGI-PHP
Set file type cache as default
Modified mysql-type configuration settings
Modified use of cache type configuration settings
Clarified use of cache directory, base directory
Fixed errors in 'readme' file, i.e. path settings, debug variable
Completed renaming from jpcache to QuickCache

Added CLEANKEYS-setting to recognize cachefiles origin.
Fixed bug with IIS and IF_NONE_MATCH

Version 2.0.0rc1 - October 2007
- Changed project name from SmartTemplate to QuickCache
- modified all file names and function names to conform to new product name
- Added class property for template directory and modified logic in code to support this new property
- Added class method "set" to set class properties (can be explicitly set vs, use of assumptive $_CONFIG variable)
- Added class method "addtpl" to add a supplmentary template (banner ad, etc) that loads at same time as main template
- Added properties to both the parser and debugger to facilitate passing of variables between classes
- Changed all " (double quotes) to ' (single quotes) where possible to enhance performance
- Modified compiled and cached files names to a maximum of 35 characters, plus extension
- Added support for QUERY STRING - particularly important to large scale projects where the query string is widely used
- Merged class.quickskin.php and class.quickskinparser.php into one single file (both are dependent on each other)
- QuickSkin now compatible with CodeIgniter with a simple file name change
- change filename from class.quickskin.php to Quickskin.php and add to your /system/application/libraries directory
*Note: next version will focus on compatibility with PHP4 and PHP5

Version 1.2.1 - codename Betelgeuse
- A variable can be used as right part of an IF clause
- Added space recognition in IF clauses

Version 1.2.0 - codename Orion
- added subtemplate system
- better error reporting
- some bugfixing

Version 1.0.2 - original developed by
Philipp v. Criegern